Get your car air con serviced in Manchester before Summer

As the warm weather is about to hit Manchester in 2012, drivers need to think about getting their car air conditioning regassed or serviced. Most people in the present financial crisis only think about their Car Air con once the warm weather is here in Manchester.

Here at The Vehicle Air Conditioning Company, we can prevent you being without your Car Air con during the forthcoming summer months. The sun this year is reaching its solar maximus, which is sending huge solar storms earthbound, all that heat and radiation is being captured in the Earth’s atmosphere, and meteorologists (weathermen) are predicting a very hot summer here in the UK.

By maintaining you Car Air Conditioning system, you will be making sure that you always have enough refrigerant in the system to work efficiently and smoothly. Small leaks in the Car Air Conditioning system can be prevented if components are regularly checked and replaced where necessary.

The Air Con system in cars also contains specific oil that needs to be topped up at time of service. The oil mixes with the refrigerant and is circulated around the system, lubricating the compressor, O rings and all necessary components. Car and van users in Manchester know that repair bills can be costly but here at The Vehicle Air Conditioning Company Manchester we can help prevent this.

Failures are also common in car air con systems in Manchester due to corrosion around the system. Small leaks can occur. Refrigerant can become lost and the system may stop working. Water or moisture leaks into the system and leads to rust and dirt forming, can generally lead to premature failure of the car air conditioning system.

You may ask ‘How often do I need my Car Air Conditioning Serviced?’ the answer is quite simple. Check your owner’s manual for the manufactures recommendation or alternatively contact The Vehicle Air Conditioning Company Manchester. If you would like to know how car air con works, we have a handy guide online, simply click here

‘Yes you can save Fuel in Manchester by having your car aircon serviced correctly’. Motorists in Manchester with A/C fitted can save money by having the car aircon serviced correctly.

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